Our Physical Testing Database exists to monitor the development of young athletes as they progress through The LVC Pathway. Physical testing will be done at the onset of each LVC program, to help entrench the notion that all members are "ATHLETE FIRST, volleyball players second". The health and well-being of our athletes is paramount and we want to ensure the progress and physical development is being monitored.

Most importantly, we want LVC athletes to lead long and healthy volleyball careers! #lovethegame

How do YOU measure up with these Team Canada superstars?!?!?

Men's Team Canada (Spike Touches)

Sharone Vernon-Evans = 382cm
Gavin Schmitt = 378cm
Justin Duff = 370cm

Women's Team Canada (Spike Touches)
Shainah Joseph = 328cm
Tabi Love = 323cm
Alicia Ogoms = 315cm
Reach (cm)
T-Test (sec.)
Block Vert. (cm)
Block Touch (cm)
Spike Vert. (cm)
Spike Touch (cm)
18U Boys 
Michael D. (262)
Ewan M. (7.73)
Ewan M.  (61)
Evan W. (325)
Ewan M. (83)
Michael D. (345)
18U Girls 
Kate G. (242)
Abbey T. (8.34)
Natalie L. & Abbey T. (56)
Bridgette C. (283)
Abbey T. (72)
Katelyn G. (305)
17U Boys 
Michael D.  (259)
Luke B. (7.31)
Ewan M. (73)
Evan W. (316)
Ewan M. (100)
Michael D. (336)
17U Girls 
Reilie L. (243)
Alyssa K. (8.78)
Brooke R. (53)
BROOKE R. (280)
BROOKE R. (67)
Brooke R. (294)
16U Boys 
Jacob. L (255)
Jacob L. (7.73)
Colin H. & Jalen R. (75)
Liam M. (316)
Colin H. (90)
Liam M. (333)
16U Girls 
Sammie G. (233)
JACY D. & CHLOE G. (8.29)
JACY D. (56)
RACHEL G. (281)
Jacy D. (68)
Rachel G. (298)
15U Boys 


JAKE T. (252)
Evan H. (8.22)
EAMONN G. (54)
JADEN D. (293)
Teagan D. (68)
Teagan D. (313)
15U Girls 
Sophia Hla. (233)
Chloe G. (8.61)
Aliah A. (53)
Aliah A. (282)
Aliah A. (63)
Aliah A. (291)
14U Boys 
Sebastian S. (223)
Kyle V.N. (8.43)
Kyle V.N. (66)
Kyle V.N. (272)
Kyle V.N. (76)
Kyle V.N. (282)
14U Girls 
Ava E. (230)
Julie N. (8.78)
Mackenzie D. (56)
Julie N. (269)
Julie N. (61)
Ava E. (278)
13U Boys 
William W. (234)
William W. (8.48)
William W.  (49)
William W. (283)
William W. (65)
William W. (299)
13U Girls 
Adelle H. & Ava S. (222)
Ava D. (9.05)
Kristen S. (44)
Adelle H. (262)
Kristen S. (60)
Ava S. (268)
12U Boys 
William W. (229)
William W. (8.49)
William W. (61)
William W. (277)
William W. (60)
William W. (289)
12U Girls 
Mackenzie H. (213)
Lauren G. (9.77)
Alexis K. (43)
Ava S. (247)
Addison H. (51)
Ava S. (255)
11U Boys 
Zach W. (196)
Zach W. (12.11)
Zach W. (26)
Zach W. (222)
Zach W. (30)
Zach W. (226)
11U Girls 
Molly A. (201)
Emma E. (10.72)
Tessa F. (43)
Molly A. (233)
Tessa F. (47)
Molly A. (242)
10U Boys 
10U Girls 
Ania M. (196)
Ana S. (10.58)
Ana S. (43)
Ana s. (232)
Ana S. (46)
Ania M. (239)

Reach = Standing reach, one-arm fully extended. Measured in centimeters. 

T-Test = Sprint from volleyball baseline to attack-line-centre, side-shuffle to the sideline, side-shuffle to the other sideline, side-shuffle back to attack-line-centre, turn and sprint back through the baseline. Measured in seconds.

Block Touch = Height of touch from a blocking position. No stepping back or stepping into your jump. Straight up and down! Lowest hand is measured.
Block Vert. = Difference between the Block Touch and Reach (eg. Block Touch of 277cm and Reach of 217cm = 60cm Block Vert). Measured in centimeters.

Spike Touch = Height of touch with a full attack approach. Highest hand is measured. Measured in centimeters.
Spike Vert. = Difference between the Spike Touch and Reach (eg. Spike Touch of 300cm and Reach of 235cm = 65cm Spike Vert). Measured in centimeters.