LVC Coaching Staff
2018 - 2019 

LVC Technical Committee
Pathway Coordinator - Chris Lawson (Volleyball Canada Master Coach Evaluator / Learning Facilitator)
Technical Director - Patrick Johnston (Performance Coach Trained)
Steve Dow (Performance Coach Trained)
Jeff Millar (Advanced Development Coach Certified)
Montana Woodhouse (Advanced Development Coach Trained)
Joe Wrigley (Performance Coach Trained)

18U Heat (Boys)
Head Coach - Patrick Johnston
Assistant Coach - Sebastian Lethbridge
Assistant Coach - Josh Marych

18U Intensity (Girls)
Head Coach - Steve Dow
Assistant Coach - Darian Gropp
Assistant Coach - Montana Woodhouse

17U Heat (Boys)
Head Coach - Mike Choja
Assistant Coach - Jeff Millar
Mentor Coach - Patrick Johnston

17U Intensity (Girls)
Head Coach - Tania Admans
Assistant Coach - Chris Lawson
Assistant Coach - Scott Admans

16U Heat (Boys)
Head Coach - Will Otten
Assistant Coach - Sam Otten
Team Admin / Assistant Coach - Lori Devos

16U Girls 
Lead Coach - Sean Pellow
Head Coach (Intensity) - Montana Woodhouse
Head Coach (Ignite) - Erin Carter
Assistant Coach - Brittany Saunders
Assistant Coach - Kristy Kastelic
Assistant Coach - Sarah Madge

15U Heat (Boys)
Lead Coach - Chris Lawson
Head Coach - Richard Cameron
Assistant Coach - Nicole Girard
Assistant Coach - Jeff Gallant

15U Girls
Lead Coach - Adam Stuart
Head Coach - Kyra Makrakos
Head Coach - Adam Stuart
Assistant Coach - Courtney Saunders
Assistant Coach - Derek Kuiack
Assistant Coach - Savannah Poots
Assistant Coach - Emma Wilkins

14U Girls
Lead Coach - Dave Bellehumeur
Head Coach (Intensity) - Dave Bellehumeur
Head Coach (Ignite) - Amanda Cameron
Assistant Coach - Julia Welstead
Assistant Coach - Angie Bellehumeur

14U Boys
If you are an exceptional 14U Boy, we would love to see you at 15U Boys Tryouts!

13U Girls
If you are an exceptional 13U Girl, we would love to see you at 14U Girls Tryouts!
Athletes not selected may be offered a spot in our select developmental High-Performance of Tomorrow (H.O.T.) Program (details will be posted shortly). This Program will run on Sundays from 1:00 - 3:00 at Saunders Secondary and will be led by LVC President, Dave Bellehumeur and Joe Wrigley. 

*Coach pairings subject to change*