Our Tryout Process

A Guide to LVC Tryouts!

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I've Signed! Now what?

  • Attend one of our two Sizing / Signing Nights!
  • You can login to your son/daughter's Fire-ID to pay their fees online!
  • #1 - Sunday, Sept 24th - Fanshawe College (13U-15U, 6:00 - 7:30pm, 16U-18U, 7:30 - 9:00pm)
  • #2 - Tuesday, Sept 26th - CHOCC (13U-15U, 6:30 - 7:45pm, 16U-18U, 7:45 - 9:00pm)
  • Facility-dependent, team practices will begin the week of Monday, October 9 or Monday, October 16 (your Coach will notify you)

Athlete Selection

Athletes are assessed and selected based on the following criteria.

  1. Long-term potential in line with Volleyball Canada's Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model
  2. Physical Testing: Height, Reach, Movement (as measured by T-Test), Block Touch, Spike Touch, Hand/Eye Coordination, Reaction Time
  3. Ball control skill, reading ability/volleyball-IQ
  4. Commitment to LVC Pathway

Athletes are selected by the team's respective Lead Coach, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches in coordination with the LVC Technical Committee.

LVC High-Performance Model vs. Traditional Model

What's different this year? The 8 points below have raised the level of LVC to new heights!

Fully in line with the OVA and Volleyball Canada, our High-Performance Model is what is in the athlete's best interests long-term.

  1. Chris Lawson - Hired as LVC Pathway Coordinator, directing our 9 Lead Coaches
  2. Lead Coaches - Ensures quality consistent instruction across all LVC teams. Each "Training Cohort" (i.e. 14U Girls) has a Lead Coach that is responsible for leading practice planning, Yearly Training Plans, collaboration opportunities, positional training, etc. 
  3. Standardized Yearly Training Plans (YTP's) - Implemented by Lead Coaches to best guide athlete development, mindful of work/rest balance and external factors (school sports, exams, etc.)
  4. Multi-Court Facilities - All teams will train at multi-court facilities with all teams in their cohort. This allows position-specific training and skill-specific training for the athletes.
  5. Teams of 10 Athletes - At the 13U to 16U age, our High-Performance Teams will have rosters of 10. This allows for more playing time and more athletes on the court. At 17U and 18U, teams will carry 12 athletes.
  6. Physical Testing Database - To best track athlete development, it is critical to see Fire members as athletes first. Athletes that are healthy long-term is our priority. Our testing measures are age-appropriate and helps provide valuable information for athlete selection and athlete development.
  7. Technical Committee - To ensure athletes are selected and developed in line with LTAD principles, the LVC Technical Committee will work alongside Lead Coaches, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

    The Technical Committee is comprised of:

    Chris Lawson (Volleyball Canada Master Coach Evaluator / Learning Facilitator)
    Patrick Johnston (Level 3 Trained)
    Steve Dow (Level 3 Trained)
    Jeff Millar (Level 2)
    Montana Woodhouse (Apprentice)
    Joe Wrigley (Level 2)
  8. Capacity Building - Lead Coach model builds a wider base of high-performance athletes and provides professional development opportunities for developing Assistant Coaches.

OVA's Tryout Window Policy

The 2017/2018 Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) season will mark the fifth season that the Tryout Window Policy has been in effect in Ontario. Our Club is a proponent of the policy as we strongly believe that athletes and their families should be evaluating the long-term benefits that each Club can offer their young athlete.

We encourage all athletes and their families to review and inform themselves on the OVA’s 2017/18 Tryout Window Policy

Tryout Facilities

  • CHOCC - (Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre)
    656 Elizabeth Street, London, Ontario