Mission, Vision, Values

Mission – LVC is focused on providing safe and high-quality programming for London area youth. LVC exists for the purpose of growing volleyball in Canada and developing a deep love for the game of volleyball in all of our athletes! #lovethegame

Vision – We strive to create opportunities for as many London area youth as possible by offering a variety of programs. Through community involvement (athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers), we can continue to grow the game and open doors for our athletes, whether their goal is to play for Team Canada, to stay physically fit or to meet great people!

Values – (1) Building Togetherness in our Community, (2) Commitment to the Process, (3) Volleyball for Life!

LVC + Volleyball Canada

As a club, how we define success is directly in line with Volleyball Canada's Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD). We have five measures of success that shape our decision-making and affirm our core values.

  1. Number of LVC Members 
    From Timbits to Feed the Fire to Competitive to LVCamp to REPS Clinics, we aim to have as many athletes playing volleyball and loving the game. 
  2. Alumni playing in U-Sport/CCAA/NCAA
    Individual athlete development is top priority whether LVC members are 4 years old in their first Timbits session or 18 years old, attending their 18U National Championship. One way to measure our standardized technical model is through the number of athletes playing post-secondary volleyball in U-Sport (Canadian university league), the CCAA (Canadian college league) or the NCAA (American university/college league). 
  3. Alumni Coaching
    Our hope is that we can install a love of the game of volleyball and a passion for teamwork, which creates a framework for an excellent coach! In order for more kids to have a great experience at LVC, we need more coaches that share our core values. As always, LVC will cover the costs of coaching courses for any current athletes or coaches looking to add their coaching skillset!
  4. Alumni Refereeing
    Often overlooked but essential to the volleyball community are our fantastic referees! Through a love for the game, we want our athletes, alumni, coaches and parents to take an active role in the volleyball community.
  5. Team Excellence at 16U/17U/18U
    From 13U through 15U, the primary focus is individual athlete development. We are always working hard to win, but never at the expensve of athlete development. From 16U through 18U, the importance of results increases. LVC athletes that want to play post-secondary volleyball will be in results-oriented leagues where mental-toughness is critical. From 16U to 18U, these skills will be introduced.

Interested in becoming a coach or a volunteer with LVC? 

Like all organizations we strive to be the best at what we do and adding people who are willing to help us achieve our goals is important to us.

"Coaches come from all walks of life – parents, teachers, ex-athletes, and sports fans. What unites them is their common passion for sport and sharing that passion with others. Coaches want to do more with their time and energy than watch the game on TV or cheer from the bleachers. They want to have a direct and lifelong impact on others, to help them learn, grow, develop new physical and life skills, and gain self-confidence."

We are interested in developing coaches for all age divisions. If you are interested in joining us, please contact LVC's President, Allison Gray at allison@lvcfire.com