The London Volleyball Club (LVC) was founded in 2012 as a not-for-profit community organization focused on providing safe, inclusive and age-appropriate programming for London's youth. The club will always aim to grow as long as three things are present: a safe facility, a committed coach and passionate athletes!

LVC is governed by its Board of Directors who are elected each May at the AGM.  The board represents a wide variety of viewpoints and experiences, which enable it to best discuss the future direction of the London Volleyball Club.

The club is in good standing with both the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) and Volleyball Canada.


LVC Board of Directors (as of June 1 2022)

1)    President (Allison Gray)

o   Oversee direction and performance of club across its programming

o   Manage the budget (alongside accountant: Karen DePrest)

      2)    Secretary & Registrar (Amanda Cameron)

o   Manage OVA registration needs (club, teams-athletes and coaches, and OVA tournaments)

o   Manage coach and volunteer documents for background checks (work with Safe Sport Committee)

      3)    Establishment & Marketing Committee

o   Chair & Coordinator (Dave Bellehumeur; Steve Fitzhenry)

o   Purpose:

·       Manage and update the founders list and insurance policies

·       Manage LVC’s non-profit status, tax concerns, and adjust LVC bylaws in recognition of changing regulations (ONCA)

·       Ensure our broader programming and culture align with values/mission and future pathway

      4)    Technical Committee

o   Chair & Boys’ Program (Patrick Johnston; Sean Pellow; Chris Lawson)

o   Purpose:

·       Oversee competitive stream and high-performance stream landscape

·       Ensure coaching staff are suitable and highly qualified

·       Run camps and clinics for LVC athletes and coaches (and beyond)

·       Coordinate equipment needs and orders

      5)    OVA Connections Committee

o   Coordinator (Sean Pellow; Milan Ivanisevic)

o   Purpose:

·       Keep up to date with OVA ongoings, changes to programs, rules, etc.

·       Share information about competition rules and deadlines 

·       Push LVC members to participate in TeamO (athletes and coaches)

      6)    Ethics & Conflict Resolution Committee

o   Coordinator (Paulette Riopelle-Jones; Adam Stuart)

o   Purpose:

·       Be the point of contact for any major issues arising within LVC programs

·       Educate the board on ethical concerns surrounding new and old decisions

·       Create an outline of best practices to happen when issues arise (work with Safe Sport Committee)

      7)    LVC Family Committee

o   Chair & Coordinator (Erin Carter; Michelle Traher, Kim Johnston)

o   Purpose:

·       Be the point of contact for athletes’ parents and guardians

·       Oversee end of season experience survey





Broader Committees – Non-Voting

  1.      Safe Sport Committee (Angie Bellehmeur; Dave Bellehumeur; Amanda Cameron)

    • Perform outreach activities to advertise safe sport for LVC and beyond
    • Educate club members on safe sport practices; create Club EAP
    • Ensure coaching and administrative staff pass screening
  2.    Fundraising and Charity Committee (Steve Fitzhenry; TBD; TBD)
    • Connect LVC with community organizations for partnerships and charity work
    • Oversee foundations and awards (including adjudicating applications)
    • Initiate community partnerships and sponsorships
  1.    Developmental Programming Committee (Gilles Landry; Craig Dixon; Hanna Stewart)
    • Work with Technical Committee and Safe Sport to adhere to best practices
    • Oversee Sparks, Feed the Fire, Fan the Flames programs

      4.   Aparrel Committee (Shannon Woodhouse; Mel Ignacio; Robin O'Hagan)
      • Be the point of contact for LVC and suppliers
      • Oversee gear packages and Spirit Wear sales

        5.   Website Committee (Tim Bulger; Craig Hayter; TBD)
        • Website construction and maintenance
        • Oversee updates