Raise your hand if you have volunteered and coached at Timbits and Feed the Fire these past four years.  Now look at the picture and see if you recognize your former athletes!

Kudos to all our Timbits and Feed the Fire coaches!  This year's 13u Intensity is stacked with your former athletes.  Ten of these skilled and enthusiastic young women are the product of your LVC Timbits Volleyball and LVC Feed The Fire Sunday programs.  Along with a few new to the sport and LVC, the  Timbit and FTF "ALUMNI"  are providing their 13u coaches plenty of reason to smile as they demonstrate their love of the game acquired long before arriving at their first practice!

There is no better example of TEAMWORK as a dozen LVC coaches along with approximately 50 LVC athletes, and the Western and Fanshawe Men and Women volleyball teams have all helped these athletes get to where they are today!

Thank You!