15U Intensity has gelled and the results were exploding from Windsor to Whitby this weekend.  Finishing 22nd in the province last year left Intensity with a clear mandate to seek higher ground.  

Returning from a summer focused on their LVC Pathway Towards Excellence, Intensity's Aisha Arriola, Jacy Deering, Sam Gibson, Sara Pardo- Villacob, Lauren Pautler and Marlize Rupple welcomed with open arms LVC Ignite's Laura Ducharme, Jillian Lancaster and Olivia Masse and, new to LVC, Sophia Hernandez and Livy Lyon.  Complimenting this exciting new lineup is a training program with Hayley Orr at Combine Fitness where Intensity is being relentlessly challenged to new performance heights.


The Results? Intensity has 11 athletes giving themselves for others. They are a team competing as a team for their team. They are now third in Premier at 15U with a ranking soaring toward the top of the province. At the 16U level they have captured a silver in Trillium and will compete in their second Championship tournament in February. They are exciting to watch and their enthusiasm is infectious. 


Congratulations 15U Intensity!