A Message from LVC Fire President

-The LVC Family and the 2019-2020 Season

When LVC was founded in 2012, it immediately took on a certain closeness that was felt by all families involved. We knew we were about more than just volleyball. When we celebrated our first year together, we came together and spent a Sunday at the beach. We had games, food, fun prizes, songs, and of course our first LVC cake. It was clear that we were a big family. It was around this time that I started referring to this club as The LVC Family. Referring to a club as a family was unique in the sports world back then but LVC was unique. Since LVC was founded, your trust in us has been our priority and we have always taken that trust seriously!  

Today as we reflect upon the 2019-2020 season let us continue to focus on our core values. Our strength as a family has never been more needed than this year. Your devotion and dedication to the important things in life have been our most sustainable strength in these difficult times. The strength necessary to strive through the unforeseeable came from your commitment to the respect and understanding that you bring to tryouts and to every tournament. 

Tragedy struck our Family for the first time this year when we lost Jalen Rodrigues. Jalen was known for his contributions to LVC and his dedication to giving back to his volleyball family by always being there to help others - through Timbits, Feed the Fire, LVCamp, the list goes on! Wherever there was a ball and a net, Jalen was there loving this great game. Your thoughtfulness gave strength to Jalen's mother and brother and his 18U boys team in their hour of need. In the coming weeks, LVC will announce the details and first recipient of the annual Jalen Rodrigues Award. Your outpouring of love for Jalen coincided with the world plunging into a pandemic and dealing with the unknown. 

Five LVC teams and their families were preparing for a departure to Nashville, Tennessee. We came together that week to help make difficult unprecedented decisions. Your feedback and support helped us together make one of the most important decisions LVC has ever made - and kept our teams safe at home.

Along with OVA Provincials, your year-end Family Celebration scheduled at Palasad sadly had to be cancelled. But this didn't stop you from celebrating your season as you continued to share your memories and special moments on social media. Reimbursing all of our teams and families 100% of the Provincials fees before we had received the cheque from the OVA was a priority. Thank you to all on the Parent Liaison Committee who helped make this happen. 

It was also decided earlier this year that the three LVC founders would establish an annual founders award recognizing a graduating male and female athlete. The Founders Award recipient will also be announced in May. 

LVC had an exciting summer of camps and clinics organized for you. Unfortunately, we have to cancel all summer programs for 2020. For those registered, you will receive full refunds. Many of you are also registered in OVA beach and indoor programs and anxiously await on the future of those as well. Like your individual families, it has been our strength as a family that has helped us persevere and put into perspective what is truly important in life. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you also to all our essential workers who are on the front lines keeping our families safe and fed. We wish you all the best this summer. Please stay safe. 


Dave Bellehumeur
President LVC