Earning Your Nationals Medal

It's the way it is suppose to happen at Nationals.  

Intensity had to show up at Nationals and bring their best.  In fact they had to bring better than they had ever played. Every player had to play in every match and give their 100%. Subs had to make it better! Every timeout had to be the beginning of a stronger fight! When you had the lead you had to fight hard to keep it. When you were behind you had to play like you were winning until you were. The starting six kept changing as everybody was ready and able to start!! When one setter was injured the other had to play better and harder than she was already playing. You had to understand that matches were meant to go to 3 sets and that a 10-14 score in the third set of a quarter finals didn't mean that you were out. It meant that you were going to win 16-14!!! A hard fought semi-final third set loss meant that disappointment had to move over to make way for a bronze medal match!!! And finally, the third set of your last match of the year is when you had to bring something better than you ever imagined bringing and bring it with confidence!! Well done Intensity!!

We are all so very proud of you!!