LVC Celebrates 2015-2016 in STYLE

I always say if you ever want to lift your spirits and become fully energized, surround yourself with kids. Of course, I refer to the thrill and joy that comes with coaching young athletes. Well, this being true with a dozen athletes, you can understand the incredible amount of energy you felt at Palasad as you surrounded yourself by 250 young athletes and helped LVC celebrate another memorable year. 

Along with fifty coaches and over one hundred and fifty more LVC family members, this year end celebration turned into the best family gathering imaginable. The backdrop setting of your celebration was an ongoing slideshow of over six hundred moments from your past year, including pictures of our Timbits and Feed The Fire programs,  Signing Day,  Reps on Reps, LVC Camps, Boston 2016, Pittsburgh 2016,  LVC Christmas, Setters Reps, and of course your 22 teams competitive season. 

When you thought the evening couldn't get better as you indulged in an endless amount of pool, laser tag, bowling, karaoke, ping-pong and of course food, you gathered for a brief moment to recognize and celebrate some top end achievements such as LVC's eight Team Canada invitees, three OVA all stars, as well as 17U Intensity's bronze medal at 18U Provincials and silver medal at 17U Nationals! Following your graduating athletes' poignant messages from 18U athletes Erin Carter, David Doty and Taylor Jordan emphasizing their passion for your LVC Family, the most incredible moment of the evening came when you gathered for a massive LVC Family Portrait.  

You have made LVC the special family that it is today.  In four short years you have helped establish a tradition of trust and care that resonates clearly throughout London, Ontario and Canada. For this and so much more,  I thank you sincerely.


Dave Bellehumeur
President, LVC