LVC is about Community.

We here at LVC believe that all young athletes who want to play volleyball should be able to, regardless of their financial situation. For that reason, we are establishing a scholarship fund to help players who cannot afford the entire fee.  

We know from experience that boys and girls who play sports are more likely to graduate, have higher grade point averages, are more likely to attend college or university and abstain from dangerous behaviours. By donating, you are not just helping them play, you are helping them to live their life in the best possible way.

We need your help! We have different donation levels for individuals and business sponsorships, but all donations are appreciated.

LVC is a not-for-profit business. As such, donations may be tax deductible, depending on your financial situation. We will provide a receipt for all donations. Please contact your tax advisors for specific details relating to your financial situation.

For information on supporting players, please contact Dave Bellehumeur ( or Peter Jordan (  They would be happy to help guide you through the donation process!

Thank you!