• Timbits

    (AGES 4-9) LVC's Timbits Volleyball is a learn-to-play volleyball program for girls and boys!

  • Feed the Fire

    (AGES 9-14) Feed The Fire is our preparatory development program getting young athletes ready for competitive volleyball! 

  • Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program

    (AGES 13-17) The Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program (formerly VCCE) develops the next generation of leaders in the volleyball community, who exemplify excellence both off and on the court. 

  • Own The Net

    (AGES 14-17) Do you want to OWN THE NET?!

    Hone your skills at the net via this 8-week program focused on the situations you find yourself in EVERY match. Athletes will make the gradual changes that will help them Own the Net!

  • London Volleyball Camp

    (AGES 11-17) Full-week position-specific camps and all-skills camps!  Learn more about our coaches and philosophy! #lovethegame