High-Performance Teams

WHO ARE WE!?      #weareLVC

As a club, how we define success is directly in line with Volleyball Canada's Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD). We have five measures of success that shape our decision-making and affirm our core values.

  1. Number of LVC Members 
    From Timbits to Feed the Fire to Competitive to LVCamp to REPS Clinics, we aim to have as many athletes playing volleyball and loving the game. 
  2. Alumni playing in U-Sport/CCAA/NCAA
    Individual athlete development is top priority whether LVC members are 4 years old in their first Timbits session or 18 years old, attending their 18U National Championship. One way to measure the LVC Pathway is through the number of athletes playing post-secondary volleyball in U-Sport (Canadian University Conference), the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) or the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). 
  3. Alumni Coaching
    Our hope is that we can install a love of the game of volleyball and a passion for teamwork, which creates a framework for an excellent coach! In order for more kids to have a great experience at LVC, we need more coaches that share our core values. As always, LVC will cover the costs of coaching courses for any current athletes or coaches looking to add their coaching skillset.
  4. Alumni Refereeing
    Often overlooked but essential to the volleyball community are our fantastic referees! Through a love for the game, we want our athletes, alumni, coaches and parents to take an active role in the volleyball community.
  5. Team Excellence at 16U/17U/18U
    From 13U through 15U, the primary focus is individual athlete development. We aim to address weaknesses HEAD ON rather than mask them to improve our chances of winning. This is long-term thinking! We are always working to win, but never at the expensve of athlete development. From 16U through 18U, the importance of results increases. LVC athletes that want to play post-secondary volleyball will be in results-oriented leagues where mental-toughness and execution is critical. From 16U to 18U, these skills will be tested.

As athletes progress, we will introduce young athletes to the concepts set out by Canadian Sport-For-Life in the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model.

To compete at the highest level, athletes must understand the principles of skill development as well as physical and mental training. It is our goal not only to graduate volleyball players who can compete at the university and college levels, but to develop young men and women who will be better trained to be successful in life. They will have learned teamwork, the benefits of hard work, the joy of pursuing excellence and the confidence to succeed.

Do you want to be the best that you can be? If so, then you will want to be a part of the LVC High-Performance Program!  

Please contact us at info@lvcfire.com if you have any questions about our competitive program and/or possible spots available on an LVC team!