AGES 4-9


LVC's Timbits Volleyball is a learn-to-play volleyball program for girls and boys aged 4-9. This grassroots volleyball program is the first step in a player’s volleyball career with an emphasis on the FUNdamentals of the game, stressing the importance of FUN in a non-competitive environment.

Young athletes who participate in Timbits will learn the basics of volleyball: overhead and forearm passing, hitting, serving and basic team movement, all while improving the basics ABC’s of sport (agility, balance, co-ordination).

At Timbits Volleyball, the game environment is modified to increase early success. No previous volleyball experience is necessary!  


Session #1 (9:30 - 10:30am) | Session #2 (10:45 - 11:45am)
Sundays @ Saunders Secondary (941 Viscount Rd. in London)
Cost = $99.00

#1 - January 13
#2 - January 20 - Bring a Friend Day
#3 - January 27 - Backwards Day
#4 - February 3
#5 - February 10 - Valentine's Day
#6 - February 17 - Family Day (bring a parent/loved one!)
#7 - February 24 - Beach Day!
#8 - March 3 - LVC Day! (LVC Fire-Sale, LVC Summer Programming Booth)

Timbits Coaches

(image: TImbits Coaches)
(L-R) Kelsey Dynes, Nimi Bassi, Sebastian Lethbridge, Kyra Makrakos, Jen Black, Hamza Chaudhry
To learn more about our Timbit coaches, click here.
All sessions will be held at Saunders Secondary School.