Our Tryout Process

A Guide to LVC Tryouts!

LVC will not issue a pre-signing for the 2021-2022 season.

Tryouts begin Thursday, September 9! See www.lvcfire.com/season/tryouts for details.

Athlete Selection
Athletes will be selected to LVC teams based on the following criteria:
  • PHYSICAL - Ability to meet certain standards in the following physical indicators: height, vertical jump, speed, functional strength and mobility, agility. 
  • INDIVIDUAL SKILL - Ability to consistently apply the six (6) major skills while limiting errors during competition in training and during official matches. The six (6) major skills are: Ball control including serve receiving, Setting, Attacking, Blocking, Defending, Serving. 
  • TACTICAL - Ability to read the play and make proper decisions on court. Ability to utilize information provided by the coaching staff and relate it to individual or team performance. o Ability to effectively communicate during matches.
  • BEHAVIOURAL - Demonstrates qualities conducive to individual improvement such as: self-motivatation, strong work ethic, responsibility and focus. Demonstrates qualities conducive to team success such as: strong leadership, positive attitude, effective communication and coachability.
  • POTENTIAL TO DEVELOP - Current performance level relative to past performance level and perceived potential to develop.
Athletes are selected by the team's respective Head Coach and Assistant Coaches in coordination with the LVC Technical Directors.

LVC High-Performance Model vs. Traditional Model
The points below have raised the level of LVC to new heights! In line with the OVA and Volleyball Canada, our High-Performance Model is what is in the athlete's best interests long-term.
  1. Standardized Yearly Training Plans (YTP's) - Implemented by Lead Coaches to best guide athlete development, mindful of work/rest balance and external factors (school sports, exams, etc.)
  2. Multi-Court Facilities - All teams will train at multi-court facilities with all teams in their cohort. This allows position-specific training and skill-specific training for the athletes.
  3. Technical Directors - To ensure athletes are selected and developed in line with LTAD principles, the LVC Technical DIrectors will work alongside Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches.
  4. Chris Lawson - Hired as LVC Pathway Coordinator, directing our Lead and Head Coaches.
  5. Building Capacity in Coaching - Lead Coach model provides professional development opportunities for developing Assistant Coaches through a genuine mentorship program and oversight of Yearly Training Plan (YTP's).