LVC Coaching Staff

Technical Director (Girls) - Sean Pellow (NCCP Performance Coach - Certified)
Technical Director (Boys) - Patrick Johnston (NCCP Performance Coach - Trained)
Pathway Coordinator - Chris Lawson (NCCP Volleyball Canada Master Coach Development Facilitator)

2023-2024 Season 
Teams Offered:
INFERNO (18UG-hp) - coached by Sean Pellow, Kristy Kastelic, Kristin Kovacs, Amye Pellow
INTENSITY (18UG) - coached by Karin Binnington, Randi Carey
FIERCE (17UG) - coached by Hanna Stewart, Steve Hales, Megan Walls
SCORCH (16UG) - coached by Gilles Landry, Jeff Buck
SMOKE (16UG) - coached by Kim Johnston, Dave Johnston
WILD (15UG-php) - coached by Milan Ivanisevic, Mike Van Dyk, Janelle Pritchard
WRATH (15UG) - coached by Staci Leonard, Belle Andress
EXPLODE (TLS-G) - coached by Lindsay Thomson, Robin O'Hagan, Sarah Stevenson
ERUPT (TLS-G) - coached by Ashley Smale, Noor Qureshi 
COMBUSTION (Rallyball-G) - coached by Michelle Traher, Farrah O'Connell, Andrew Hooper
CHAR (Rallyball-G) - coached by Michelle Traher, Patrick Liang, Junine Kry

HEAT (18UB) - coached by Tim Silcox, Brandon Myers, Matt Waite
DETONATE (17UB) - coached by Nicole Girard, Chris Abrams, Ethan Howard
VORTEX (16UB) - coached by Charles Hughes, Hamza Alsaid, Chris Tran-Nguyen
BLAZE (15UB-php) - coached by Allison Gray, Zach Bush, Andy Mach
BURN (15UB) - coached by Chris Pellarin, Nandish Patel, Mac Hinschberger
POWER (TLS-B) - coached by Matt Phipps, Jeff Jones, Paulette Riopelle-Jones
PASSION (TLS-B) - coached by Sarah Twilley, Laura Brown, Don Zhang
GUSTO (Rallyball-B) - coached by Craig Hayter, Amber Price
*HP = high-performance team (extra training run through club with second fee installment)
*PHP = pre high-performance team (limited schedule extra training run through club with second fee installment)
all other teams = competitive (with team-based decisions and payments about adding extra training)